Tiny is the next BIG thing!

We just wrote insurance policies for a fleet of tiny homes! There are a few options for tiny homes but we’re the first company to offer coverage for a fleet of commercially owned tiny homes. Standard markets are just not an option.

Click here to get an indication for ONE tiny home. Link: https://cig-llc.biz/tiny-homes/

Our Tiny Home Insurance Program is offered in all 48 of the Continental United States.

If you have questions about the form, please contact Martin@cig-llc.biz. You can also schedule a call with him here: https://calendly.com/martinburlingame/15min/

In the meantime, you can also read more about our program here: Tiny Home Insurance Q&A with Martin Burlingame.

If you do not complete the Agency information, the quote will be sent to Martin@martinburlingame.com.

Email our underwriter Ivy@cig-llc.biz if you need a schedule (Excel) for a FLEET of tiny homes.