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Line of business specialty and staff point of contact:

Commercial Auto and Trucking Shannon Leighton, Kasey Headley
Contractors’ General Liability and Drones Heather Gilginas
Contractors’ OCP Mary A. Pierce
Earthquake, DIC Adriana Oregon, Mary A. Pierce
Excess or Umbrella Brittani Simpson, Heather Gilginas
Garage, Commercial Auto Martin Burlingame, Karina Medina
Homeowners, Dwellings, Personal Floaters Adriana Oregon, Ivy Orozco, Robert Rogacki, Jenna Kennedy and Cameron Johnson
Hospitality Mary A. Pierce, Brittani Simpson
Lessor’s Risk Brittani Simpson, Heather Gilginas
Products, including Cannabis Heather Gilginas
Property and Inland Marine (builder’s risk, equipment, transit, floaters) Heather Gilginas
Renewals Lori Hendrix, Fara Schnur
Special Requests (applications, appointment) Jimmy Pacyna
Specialty Martin Burlingame, Mary A. Pierce, Heather Gilginas
Tiny Homes/Tiny Homes Transit Martin Burlingame, Ivy Orozco

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Martin Burlingame
Chief Executive Officer aka "El Jefe que es Guapo"
Direct Line: 719.476.0104
From: Wisconsin
Advice for agents: Complete the acord apps.
Fun Fact: I love running and my favorite spot in COS is Cerberus Brewing
Mary A. Pierce
Chief Underwriting Officer
Direct Line: 719.476.0105
From: Missouri
Advice for agents: Complete applications become binds quicker!
Mack Hone
Chief Financial Officer, Accounting
Direct Line: 719.476.0105
From: California
Advice for agents: Get your payments in on time!
Fun Fact: I am a twin
Heather Gilginas
Assistant Vice President of Underwriting aka "Jack of all trades"
Direct Line: 719.476.0112
From: Louisiana
Advice for agents: Provide a narrative of operations - tell us about your risk!
Fun Fact: I love being in the woods with the dogs!
Heidi Feist
Administrative Manager
Phone: 719.476.0108
Ashley Dodge
Marketing Director
Phone: 719.476.0107
From: Missouri
Advice for agents: Follow us on Instagram @cig4insurance!
Fun fact: I manage our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
Lori Hendrix
Senior Underwriter, Renewals Team Lead
Phone: 719.476.0101
From: Colorado
Advice for agents: We are here to help and answer questions!
Fun Fact: I love summer and golfing!
Adriana Oregon
Underwriter, Personal Lines Team Lead
Phone: 719.476.0109
Karina Medina
Underwriter, Garage
Ext. 8200
From: Colorado
Advice for agents: Attention to detail can go a long way!
Favorite Hobby: Sleep
Shannon Leighton
Senior Underwriter, Auto
Phone: 719.301.7157
Cheryl Johnson
Accounts Payable Manger
Ext. 8220
From: Colorado
Fun Fact: I love tiny houses.
Kyra Hansen
Surplus Lines Tax Specialist
From: Northern California
Advice for agents: Submit your applications correctly.
Fun Fact: Loves M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E
Fara Schnurr
Underwriter, Renewals
Phone: 719.453.0294
Brittani Simpson
Associate Underwriter
Hospitality/General Lines
Ext. 8225
From: Missouri
Advice for agents: A kind tone will get you a long way!
Fun fact: I have two Dobermans!
Tammy Houser
Underwriting Assistant, Auto
Ext. 8401
From: Colorado
Advice for agents: Please read each question on the application.
Fun Fact: I love camping, fishing and photography
Alysa Wiggins
Underwriting Assistant, Bind Processing
Phone: 719.301.7158
Ivy Orozco
Underwriting Assistant, Personal Lines and Tiny Homes
Phone: 719.476.0122
Vanesssa Laskowski
Underwriting Assistant, Bind Processing
Ext. 8410
From: Texas
Fun Fact: I love traveling during Spring Break to see what's in vogue with hordes of Fraternity Brothers.
Kasey Headley
Underwriting Assistant, Commercial Auto and Trucking
Ext. 8301
From: Texas
Advice for agents: If you don't know how to fill out a section, call us to prevent delaying the turnaround times!
Fun fact: I spend 73% of each paycheck at Target
Jimmy Pacyna
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 719.694.1660
Jenna Kennedy
Underwriting Assistant, Personal Lines
303.900.2960 ext. 4
Akeyna Loftin
Associate Underwriter, General Lines
Ext. 8311
Robert Rogacki
Associate Underwriter, Personal Lines
303.900.2960 ext. 4
Cameron Johnson
Underwriting Assistant, Personal Lines
303.900.2960 ext. 4
From: West Virginia
Fun Fact: I am new to CIG but I studied Insurance at West Virginia University
Nicole Kann
Underwriting Assistant, General Lines
Ext. 8213
From: Vermont
Advice for agents: Send applications for New or Renewal Accounts to
Fun Fact: Well versed in useless trivia and random commercial jingles
Nelia Rodriguez
Underwriting Assistant
Ext. 8223
From: Miami
Fun Fact: Fluent in Spanish