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Martin Burlingame
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 719.476.0104
Mary A. Pierce
Chief Underwriting Officer
Phone: 719.476.0105
Heather Gilginas
Assistant Vice President of Underwriting
Phone: 719.476.0112
Heidi Feist
Administrative Manager
Phone: 719.476.0108
Lori Hendrix
Senior Underwriter/Renewals Team Lead
Phone: 719.239.3002
Karina Medina
Underwriter/Wheels Team Lead
Phone: 719.476.0110
Adriana Oregon
Underwriter/Personal Lines Team Lead
Phone: 719.476.0109
Shannon Leighton
Senior Underwriter
Phone: 719.301.7157
Fara Schnurr
Phone: 719.453.0294
Dianne Soto
Phone: 719.694.3011
Brittani Simpson
Associate Underwriter
Phone: 719.476.0125
Victoria Holt
Kirk Malcolm
Associate Underwriter
Phone: 719.476.0124
Ken Wittman
Assistant Underwriter
Phone: 719.722.2139
Tammy Houser
Underwriting Assistant
Phone: 719.694.5194
Kiersten Fischer
Associate Underwriter
Phone: 719.301.7163
Alysa Wiggins
Underwriting Assistant
Phone: 719.301.7158
Ivy Orozco
Underwriting Assistant
Phone: 719.476.0122
Kasey Headley
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 719.694.1660
Ashley Dodge
Marketing Director
Phone: 719.476.0107

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Line of business specialty and staff point of contact:

Commercial Auto and Trucking, Transportation Shannon Leighton, Tammy Holder
Contractors’ General Liability  Kirk Malcom, Dianne Soto
Contractors’ OCP Mary A. Pierce
Earthquake, DIC Adriana Oregon, Mary A. Pierce
Excess or Umbrella Brittani Simpson, Heather Gilginas, Dianne Soto
Garage, Commercial Auto Martin Burlingame
Homeowner, Dwelling, Personal Floaters Adriana Oregon, Kiersten Fischer, Ivy Orozco
Hospitality Mary A. Pierce, Brittani Simpson
Lessor’s Risk Brittani Simpson, Heather Gilginas, Dianne Soto
Products, including Cannabis Heather Gilginas, Dianne Soto
Property and Inland Marine (builder’s risk, equipment, transit, floaters) Heather Gilginas, Kirk Malcom, Dianne Soto, Karina Medina
Renewals Lori Hendrix, Fara Schnur, Ken Wittman
Special Requests (applications, appointment) Kasey Headley
Specialty Martin Burlingame, Mary A. Pierce, Heather Gilginas, Dianne Soto
Tiny Homes/Tiny Homes Transit Kiersten Fischer