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Martin Burlingame
Chief Executive Officer
From: Wisconsin
Advice for agents: Complete the Acord apps. or go to
Fun Fact: I love running and my favorite spot in COS is Cerberus Brewing
Mary A. Pierce
Chief Underwriting Officer
From: Missouri
Advice for agents: Complete applications become binds quicker!
Mary knows a lot about contractors OCP, earthquake, DIC, hospitality, and other specialty lines.
Mack Hone
Chief Financial Officer, Accounting
From: California
Advice for agents: Get your payments in on time!
Fun Fact: I am a twin
Ben Shoemaker
Vice President - Branch Manager
Cannabis, Farm & Ranch, Umbrella
From: Michigan
Advice for agents: Applications aren’t scary, take your time filling them out. Your client and underwriter will appreciate it!
Fun fact: I love being outdoors. Rain or shine.
Mark Pearce
Vice President of Programs
Residential Rental Properties
From: Texas and Colorado
Advice for agents: Use a property schedule for more than 3 properties!
Fun Fact: Mark has two dachshunds that he loves almost as much as his adult children.
Sandi Starks
Vice President of Sales
From: California
Advice for agents: The most important thing you can do is to offer exceptional customer service
Fun Fact: I jumped out of a perfectly good airplane
Heather Gilginas
Assistant Vice President of Underwriting aka "Jack of all trades"
From: Louisiana
Advice for agents: Provide a narrative of operations - tell us about your risk!
Fun Fact: I love being in the woods with the dogs!
Lori Hendrix
Senior Underwriter, Renewals Team Lead
From: Colorado
Advice for agents: We are here to help and answer questions!
Fun Fact: I love summer and golfing!
Adriana Oregon
Underwriter, Personal Lines Team Lead
From: Colorado
Fill out this simple form for a homeowners quote:
Jeff Lindemann
Senior Underwriter
From: Colorado
Advice for agents: Admitted carriers are dropping hotels, motels, apartments, and condos but we have other markets!
Fun Fact: Never fulfilled my dream of playing major league baseball but insurance has been a nice career
Heidi Feist
Administrative Manager
From: Wisconsin
As our Office Manager, Heidi keeps the ship afloat. We appreciate her greatly!
Ashley Dodge
Marketing Director
From: Missouri
Advice for agents: Follow us on Instagram
Fun fact: I manage our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Need to reach someone directly?

Name Extension Title
Martin Burlingame 8204 Chief Executive Officer
Mary Pierce 8205 Chief Underwriting Officer
Mack Hone 8302 Chief Financial Officer
Ben Shoemaker 8226 VP – Branch Mananager
Mark Pearce 8217 VP of Programs
Sandi Starks 8227 VP of Sales
Heather Gilginas 8212 Assistant VP of Underwriting
Ashley Dodge 8207 Marketing Director
Heidi Feist 8208 Administrative Manager
Akeyna Loftin 8311 Associate Underwriter
Adriana Oregon 8209 Senior Underwriter/Team Lead-PL
Alex Slater 8400 Customer Service Rep.
Alysa Wiggins 8358 Underwriting Assistant
Amanda Seifert 8215 Associate Underwriter
Brittani Simpson 8225 Underwriter
Cameron Johnson 8210 Underwriting Assistant
Cheryl Johnson 8220 Accounts Payable Manager
Danielle Grabowski 8223 Underwriting Assistant
Darik Hansen 8231 Associate Underwriter
Devine Kelly 8230 Underwriting Assistant
Emma Calder 8219 Underwriting Assistant
Fara Schnurr 8420 Underwriter
Ivy Orozco 8222 Associate Underwriter
Jeff Lindemann 8218 Senior Underwriter
Jenna Kennedy 8201 Underwriter
Jessica Nygaard 8228 Associate Underwriter
Jimmy Pacyna 8303 Underwriting Assistant
Karina Medina 8200 Underwriter
Kasey Headley 8301 Underwriting Assistant
Kyra Hansen 8327 Surplus Lines Tax Specialist
Leta Baker 8229 Underwriter
Lori Hendrix 8306 Sr. Underwriter /Team Lead-Renewals
Mike Kirk 8232 Underwriter
Nicole Kann 8213 Underwriting Assistant
Robert Rogacki 8307 Underwriter
Saaya Jones 8402 Underwriting Assistant
Tammy Houser 8401 Underwriting Assistant
Vanessa Laskowski 8410 Underwriting Assistant