Pizza Delivery

Extra extra! Read all about it!

We are excited to announce two carriers for our new Pizza Delivery Program handled by our Commercial Auto Department. Here are two applications for Food Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance: Option 1 and Option 2

Please review the options, choose an application, complete it in its entirety, and submit the application to the carrier of your choice. Alternatively, you can fill out both applications and we can review who would be the best fit for your client. All applications can be submitted on our online platform or to our Submissions Team at to be logged and assigned.

We may ask for a description of HNOA exposure, MVRs of all drivers to be scheduled on the policy, and 4-5 years of HNOA loss runs.

State restrictions: Not all carriers write in Florida.

Other related but separate classes: pharmaceutical delivery, lab test delivery, auto parts delivery, fire extinguisher service/repair, traveling tutors, sales people, consultants, property managers, concierge, cleaning services, inspectors, appraisers.

If you have any questions Kasey Headley ( is happy to help. We look forward to working with you!