Insured Payment Instructions

The insured and agent, by pressing the Pay Now link (below) and completing the processing of their Credit/ Debit or ACH payment, agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions stated on the policy(s) for which this payment applies. Any refunds available to the insured will be governed by the terms, conditions, and refund policy of the Insurance Company from which the insured has applied for insurance. We use a secure and highly trusted third party vendor to process credit cards and echecks. There is a slight fee that is calculated before you authorize the payment. Please consult the finance agreement that was sent to you if you are electing to finance this policy. If you are using the CIG finance agreement the down payment will be 15% of the total price. If you use your own financing, we require 25% of the premium and taxes and 100% of the fees.

For Questions contact Mack Hone at 719-301-1702