Helpful Tips About Commercial Auto

Trouble completing thing auto application? Print these helpful handouts!

Please be aware that our turnaround time is 2-3 business days for underwriting review. Incomplete submissions will delay the process. Also note that the carrier may request additional information to provide the most accurate quote, which may delay the turnaround time.

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AGENCY INFORMATION: All questions in this field must be answered

  1. AGENCY: Enter the agency name
  2. PHONE: Enter the phone number of the agency
  3. CONTACT: Enter the contact name for the agency
  4. SIGNATURE OF AGENT: Signature of the agent

GENERAL INFORMATION:All questions in this field mustbe answered

  1. APPLICANT LEGAL NAME: Enter the insureds first and last name
  2. COMPANY NAME: Enter the name of the insureds business if applicable
  3. FORM OF BUSINESS: Check the box that applies to your insured
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS OPERATION: Enter the description of what your insured will be doing.Please be as specific as possible
  5. DBA: Enter the name your insured is doing business as if applicable
  6. YEAR BUSINESS WAS ESTABLISHED: Enter the yearthe insured began their business
  7. LOCATION OF BUSINESS PREMISES OR PHYSICAL ADDRESS/CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE: Enter the physical addressof the insureds company
    • Do not enter a P.O. Box in this field
  8. BUSINESS TELEPHONE: Enter the insureds phone number
    • Please include the area code
  9. MAILING ADDRESS: Enter the mailing addressincluding city, state, and zip code

OWNER/PRINCIPAL INFORMATION:All questions in this field mustbe answered

  1. OWNER NAME: Enter the first and last name of the owner
  2. DATE OF BIRTH: Enter the date of birth of the owner
  3. HOME ADDRESS/CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE: Enter the owners mailing address. Please provide the apartment number if applicable

PRIOR COVERAGE INFORMATION:All questions in this field mustbe answered

  1. Check whichever box applies to the insured. This is important because certain credits may apply to their premium if they do have prior coverage

HISTORY:All questions in this field mustbe answered. If the insured has no prior losses, check NO

  2. If losses have occurred, please list the yearand the amount of lossesunder each coverage section. In the case that the insured has had more losses than the boxes allow, please attach a copy of the loss runs
  3. Loss runs will be requiredfor all applicants with 6 or more units

DRIVERS:All drivers mustbe listed on the application

  1. Enter the drivers first and last name, date of birth, license number, and state
  2. CDL: Does the driver have a commercial driver’s license? Check yes or no

VEHICLES:All vehicles that are owned and operated within the company mustbe listed on the application

  1. YEAR: Enter the year of the vehicle
  2. MAKE & MODEL: Enter the make and model of the vehicle
  3. VEHICLE TYPE: Enter the type of vehicle. Please be as specificas possible. At the bottom of this page, you will find the vehicle type options that are acceptable to list
    • Entering “TRUCK” will not be acceptable
  4. BUSINESS, PERSONAL, BOTH: Enter what all the vehicle is being used for
  5. GARAGING ZIP: Enter the zip code of where the vehicle is being kept
    • The garaging zip code mustbe in the same state that the policy is being written in
  6. RADIUS: Enter the furthest distance traveled
  7. STATED VALUE: Enter the stated value of the vehicle. Required if the insured is requesting comp and collision coverage

ADDITIONAL REQUIRED UNDERWRITING INFORMATION:Every question under this section are requiredto be answered. If the question does not apply to your insured, check NO

  1. RANGE OF OPERATION: If your insured is operating within the boundaries of one state, check INTRASTATE. If your insured is operating in more than one state/crossing state lines, check INTERSTATE
  2. Check YES or NO for the remainder of the questions. Any boxes left blank will delay the quoting process

COVERAGES:Every question on this application is REQUIRED to be answered. If the question does not apply to your insured, check NO. Refer to the commercial auto terminology attachment for further details and definitions

CARGO:Check YES or NO for each question listed

  1. If your insured needs cargo coverage, answer allquestions under this section
  2. Provide the commodities hauled with the percentageand valuefor each commodity hauled

FILING SECTION:Your insured is responsible for knowing if they are required to have a filing.It is the agent’s responsibility to inform our underwriters if they require filings

  1. Check YES or NO for allquestions
  2. Provide an answer for allquestions that apply to your insured

MVR AND CREDIT REPORT AUTHORIZATION:Signatures from the insured and the agent are requiredon this application. The signatures authorize the carrier to run an accurate MVR report and credit report of the owner to obtain an accurate premium


Commercial Auto Terminology

Please be aware that coverages may differ in meaning depending on the state that the insured is doing business in.

  • BI, Bodily Injury Liability:What insurance would pay for the injuries to the other person in an accident
  • Stated Value:Actual value of a vehicle. In the event of an accident, insurance will either pay the stated value or the actual cash value depending on whichever is less.
  • Intrastate:When a commercial vehicle is operating within the boundaries of a state
  • Interstate:When a commercial vehicle is operating in more than one state/crossing state lines
  • USDOT Number, United States Department of Transportation:Monitors company’s safety information. There are several instances where the USDOT number is required; but two common indicators are if the vehicles weigh more than $10,000 pounds or if they trade, traffic, or transport interstate
  • Placards:Sign that is placed on a vehicle which identifies the class of hazardous materials.
  • Livery:Vehicles for hire; taxis, limos, etc.
  • Non-Owned and Hired Coverage:Covers bodily injury and property damage caused by rented or borrowed vehicles
  • PD, Physical Damage:Protects the vehicle in case of an accident
  • CSL, Combined Single Limit:Single number that describes the predetermined limit for the combined total of bodily injury/property damage coverage per occurrence or accident
  • Non-Trucking Liability:When you use your commercial vehicle for personal use
  • Un-Insured Motorist:Protects you if you’re in an accident with an at fault driver who doesn’t have liability coverage
  • Underinsured Motorist:Protects you if you’re in an accident with an at fault driver whose liability limits are too low
  • Un-Insured Motorist PD:Helps pay for damage to your vehicle when it is struck by an insured driver, a hit and run, or if their physical damage limit isn’t enough to cover losses incurred
  • Personal Injury Protection:Covers medical expenses in the event of an accident
  • Collision coverage:Covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a covered accident involving collision with another vehicle
  • Comprehensive coverage:Covers damage to your vehicle cause by covered events such as theft, vandalism, or hail
  • Trailer Interchange Coverage: Covers the insureds legal liability for damage to the trailers of others
  • Motor Truck Cargo:Provides insurance on the freight or commodity hauled for a for-hire trucker
  • On-Hook Towing:Covers replacement or repairs on vehicles that are under tow
  • MC:Motor carrier filing
  • FORM H:State Cargo Filing