First-Time Agents

We’ve been making a concerted effort to reach out to agents across the country. Most of the time you come to us, it is because you’ve already heard “NO” from your traditional admitted carriers. While we want to help you find a way and we offer a broad range of markets, we cannot guarantee that the carrier will have an appetite for the specific risk or that we can get a competitive quote. Thank you for your patience!

There are a lot of FAQ’s we get from first-time submissions. Here are some answers.

Q. What do I need to do to get appointed?

A. Some agents are already appointed with us and get paid directly to their folio. You can get more information here: 

Q. Do I have to get the application “signed” in order to just get a quote? 

A. No. At that stage, you can submit the complete application and if the insured wishes to proceed, you will need them to review and sign the application to make sure the information is accurate and complete. Short answer: They just have to sign for a bind.

Q. Do you write commercial auto or trucking in New Jersey? 

A. No. Unfortunately the carriers for commercial auto and trucking we use do not want business from New Jersey. We also don’t have a market for Homeowners or Dealers in New Jersey.

Q. When does a quote expire? 

A. Typically one month but your underwriter will give you that information as well as a deadline to make a down payment (~15 days). 

Q. How can I get a brochure? 

A. There is an online version HERE but we can mail one upon your request. Just email us at

Q. Do you accept Acord applications? 

A. Yes. We accept Acord Forms for GL and Property and some special applications for Auto, Trucking, Garage, and Dealers ( Need Acord forms? Contact

Q. Where do I find other applications?

A. Here are other applications we have:

Q. Where do I send submissions?

A. All applications can be sent to

Q. How long does it take to hear back?

A. It takes 1-2 business days for our Submissions Team to log the information and assign you an underwriter. There are some lines of business that are more difficult to write. Some we can quote in 5 minutes (Ex. Tiny Homes). Complete applications are necessary for a quote but we may ask for additional information. Here’s a list of supplemental applications: Our personal lines can give you an instant indication HERE.

Q. What if I have problems logging on to the portal?

A. Sorry to hear you are having issues accessing our online platform. Please contact will make sure you’re set up correctly if you can provide him your agency information. He is also our point of contact for appetite questions.

Q. How do I speak to an underwriter about a specific line of business/market question?

A. Here’s a list of our underwriters and a link to chat live with each department for specific appetite questions:

Q. I am having a hard time reaching the right underwriter via phone. 

A. We are sorry to hear that. Call volume is VERY HIGH at times but we promise to call back if you leave your number. Have you tried emailing or chatting with an underwriter live? 

Q. What is the difference between Interstate and Intrastate?

A. Here are some helpful resources for Commercial Auto & Trucking including terminology and how to fill out our application that was made to capture information that our carriers request:

Q. What is Garage Liability and how is it different from Commercial General Liability? 

A. Garage & Dealers Underwriter Karina  wrote this incredibly helpful post:

Q. Who do I talk to about a superstar underwriter? 

A. Email and she’ll add your comments to our KUDOS page! We’ll also send you a small gift in the mail to thank you for your kind words. Link: 

Q. What if I have accounting issues? 

A. You can always contact our CFO who will try to resolve any accounting issues. Please note that some commissions go through KL depending on how you are set up and thus you can expect to be paid through your folio.

Q. Where do I send my complaints? 

A. Your feedback is important to us. We are sorry to hear you have any complaints but they can be sent directly to our AVP of underwriting or our Chief Underwriting Officer They can elevate the issue to our CEO if necessary.

Q. Why does the turnaround time vary so much for each line of business?

A. Hard to place risks are just that. Hard to place. We shop around with our carriers and see how we can get you an affordable quote with appropriate coverage (wouldn’t want to under or over insure anyone!). We will do everything we can with the information provided but incomplete applications delay logging by Submissions before they get to an underwriter. Minimal efforts from insureds and agents are matched with minimal returns when we approach carriers with those applications.