Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to  get a quote?

  • Fully completed accord applications 125 and126 for General Liability and acord140 for Property 
  • Loss runs
  • Any contractual requirements to consider
  • A note of any additional lines of coverage not noted above

Where can I find acords?

There is a list of all the Acords we frequently request on our Online Platform at You’ll find them listed in the Resources Tab on the right margin once you’ve logged in to the system.

How do I fill out acords?

These ACORD forms are typically standardized forms for commercial insurance needs.  It is based on what the insured is requesting and since you will likely need to fill these out for all commercial needs its best for you fill them out so you can become comfortable with them. Please check out these links to some awesome tutorials on how to fill these out. If after going through those, if you still have some questions we would be happy to help you further.

ACORD 125 (Commercial Lines Application)

ACORD 126 (General Liability)

ACORD 140 (Property)

ACORD 130 (Workers Comp)

Line by line instructions for each ACORD as well can be found here:

Send the above items to for underwriter assignment or include them in your application at Typically you receive an email about which underwriter assigned has been assigned to your submission overnight. If complete, you will receive 2-3 carriers in response. If incomplete, you will receive notice of missing items. Turn-around time varies from one day to a week, depending on the complexity of the account.

Our Underwriting Manager Heather Gilginas is happy to assist for further questions or concerns. 

Why do I keep getting an error when I copy an email into

If you get ANY  error message, such as –  “An error has occurred.  Oops!  Website Administrator has been notified” – press the back button and re-try what you were trying to do.

Our Online Platform is very secure. Unfortunately this means it blocks any efforts recognized as an effort to hack into the system such as < or > . If you are trying to paste stuff like this – you will get an error message. Be sure to clean it up a bit and remove < > symbols.

What is the preferred internet browser for

The preferred internet browser is Internet Explorer.

What is Garage Liability?

Garage liability is, in effect, the same sort of coverage as general liability insurance that most businesses require except that it is specialized coverage for those who sell and repair cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs or trailers. In the same way that commercial liability offers protection from accidents such as slip and falls or damaged product, garage liability insurance also protects business owners from claims arising from premise and operations as well as products and completed operations.

How is Garage Liability Different than Commercial General Liability?

Another aspect of coverage that differs from standard commercial liability is that garage liability also provides protection for vehicles used during operations. Garage policies also do not cover personal or advertising injuries like general liability. In fact, garage liability is really a hybrid combination of two policies, Business Auto and general liability combined into one. Garage policies have both accident and aggregate policy limits.

Because garage liability is more narrow in scope than the broader protection of commercial general liability, many companies choose to include endorsements to provide additional coverage such as personal & advertising injuries, liquor liability, fire and non-owned watercraft to name a few.

What about Customer Property?

While garage liability coverage protects vehicles owned by the insured business, it does not extend protection to customer cars left on the premises for service or repair. Coverage for customer’s property falls under garage keepers’ insurance, which is often sold with garage liability to provide more comprehensive coverage to dealers and repair shops; however, it must be purchased as a separate policy.

Garage keepers insurance covers damage to customer property for specific losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, collision or overturn. It can also be written as comprehensive coverage to include all losses except for collision and overturn.

Those companies who need garage liability insurance will often find that garage keepers’ coverage is also needed in order to fully cover the business from whatever accident or physical damage may occur. Taking care to protect business assets from lawsuits and claims with the most comprehensive insurance available is a must for every garage operation today.