We now have an application for Drones! Click here: Drone Insurance Application

Instructions: Click link, save a copy of the application to your computer, complete all the information, and send it to us at Submissions@cig-llc.biz or for a faster turnaround upload it directly to GenieQuotePro.com. Questions or concerns, please contact Kirk@cig-llc.biz.


Underwriting Questions for Unmanned Aircrafts (Commercial Use)

1. Date first FAA Permission was obtained or estimated date if not yet obtained:

2. What is the maximum weight of the unmanned vehicle including payload:

3. What liability limits are you seeking: $1 Million $2 Million $5 Million Over $5 Million

4. Do you also need Hull Insurance Coverage for your Drone? (Hull Insurance protects your drone against theft and accidental damage under all Commercial UAV applications.)

5. Unmanned Vehicle Information: Make, Model, Rotor or Fixed wing, Serial Number, Take-off Weight, Agreed Value

6. Payloads: Make, Model, Serial Number, Agreed Value

7. Pilot Information: Name, DOB, License & Expiration

8. Do you require Malicious Damage Coverage?

9. No losses in last 3 years, agree to FAA rules, commercial drone operators only

Click HERE for fillable PDF to send to Submissions@cig-llc.biz.