Deductible Buy Down

Most agents do not know how to explain the impact of a percent wind/hail deductible to their clients.

For example if a current policy has a 5% deductible, that can be a six-figure deductible for a wind hail loss on their building.

The buy down pays the difference between a ridiculously high wind/hail deductible and quadruples the savings.

For example a $10,000 deductible, but would pay the difference between $117,000 (5% deductible) and $10,000.

Total cost is $22,729.35.

So $22,729.35 + $10,000 = $32,729.35
$117,000 – $32,729.35 = approx. $84,000 in savings.

You can do the math… or if you need help, email