Fall is almost here and some daycares and private schools are making sure they have the coverage they need.

Please send the following items to

  • Daycare Supplemental Application
  • Copy of daycare license
  • Fully completed accord applications 125/126 for GL, 140 for property
  • Loss runs
  • Any contractual requirements we may need to rate for
  • and if you’re looking for additional lines of coverage not noted here

I’m happy to help if you have additional questions.

Note:  Abuse or Molestation and Professional Liability Coverage sub-limits may be available for purchase.

Coverage terms will vary depending on whether the daycare is a residential or commercial exposure, number of licensed children,

If there are pets on site, swimming pools, extended hours and/or if the daycare has been certified to care for the physically or mentally handicapped.

Heather Gilginas


Phone: 303-900-2960