Condos and Apartments

Colorado is known for few things: Hail, Cannabis, and Craft Beer. We see a lot of related applications and now we see a TON of requests for general liability and property coverage for Apartments.

In cities like Denver, housing prices are so high (up 65%) that it makes more sense to rent. While more Millennials are flocking to Colorado Springs than any other city in the US, the apartments popping up across the Front Range need insurance to keep up with demand!

However, some established insurance companies no longer want to take on this risk. All WE need to get started is Acords 125, 126, and 140 as well as THIS Apartment Supplemental.

Please send all applications to If you need assistance filling out an application you can chat with an underwriter live HEREor call us at 855-900-2960 and ext. 1