HOAs are not impossible!

People have become accustomed to a certain type of living. HOAs provide consistency and organization to prove anything from Luxury living to simple coordinated maintenance of the property. HOAs are swiftly growing in popularity but some established insurance companies no

2018 Holiday Closures

Last month was a record month (up 15%) and we want to thank YOU for reading this newsletter. Email our Marketing Director Ashley Dodge your mailing address and we’ll send you a surprise gift as seen on our Instagram. We

Workers Compensation

FOR THE MOST UP TO DATE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT https://www.bigfoot.insure/products/workers-comp Workers’ compensation insurance can provide wage replacement and medical benefits for employees that are injured on the job. This provides safety net of collective liability that ensures compensation to the workers in

Lower Garage Rates!

We are excited to see that one of our main carriers for Garage has lowered rates by 10%! Classes we have had success with: Auto Alarm / Stereo Installation Auto Storage – No Repair Bed Liner Installation (Including Spray-On Boat