Business Insurance


  1. Accounting Services (Payroll, Tax Prep, Bookkeeping, etc.)
  2. Advertising and Marketing
  3. Architects and Engineers (includes Interior and Graphic Design)
  4. Bakeries
  5. Barber Shops, Hair and Nail Salons
  6. Books, Toys, Crafts and Office Supply Stores
  7. Business Consultants
  8. Chiropractors
  9. Clothing and Accessory Stores
  10. Copy and Mail Services
  11. Dentists and Oral Surgeons
  12. Drug Stores and Pharmacies
  13. Financial Consultants and Insurance Agents
  14. Florists
  15. Food and Beverage Stores
  16. Franchised Automotive Parts Dealers
  17. Funeral Homes
  18. Furniture and Home Goods Stores
  19. Health and Personal Care Stores (includes Beauty Supply)
  20. Home Improvement and Garden Supplies
  21. Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Shops
  22. Job Search and Recruiter Services
  23. Laundries and Dry Cleaners
  24. Legal Services
  25. Locksmiths
  26. Medical Offices
  27. Mortgage Brokers
  28. Office and Secretarial Services
  29. Personal Services (Educational, Pet Grooming, Piano Tuning, Wedding Planning)
  30. Photographers and Videographers
  31. Real Estate Agents
  32. Rental Services (Costumes, Rentals, Videos)
  33. Repair and Maintenance Providers (Bicycles, Computers, and more)
  34. Retail Stores
  35. Sporting Goods and Musical Instruments
  36. Veterinarians

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