Hurricane Preparation Guidance

The industry estimation is that as many as 50% of the boats damaged at fixed docks during hurricanes could have been saved by using better dock lines: lines that were longer, larger, arranged better, and/or protected against chafing. Independent studies


Cheers to you! Breweries are an exciting risk with the obvious perk of a free beer when you stop by. Here’s what we need: Brewery Supplemental Application Fully completed accord applications 125/126 for GL, 140 for property Loss runs Any


Fall is almost here and some daycares and private schools are making sure they have the coverage they need. Please send the following items to Daycare Supplemental Application Copy of daycare license Fully completed accord applications 125/126 for GL,

Inland Marine

The term Inland Marine Insurance is a bit confusing. Long ago, insurance was created to account for loss of property at sea… hence “Marine Insurance”.  However, products, materials, and equipment needed coverage beyond the sea when transported over land. The property insurance