We insure some businesses in the cannabis industry. For appetite questions contact or

$250 May “Cash” Payout

As the weather warm up, everyone’s planning Summer vacations that cost $$$$. So…EVERY 5 Binds an agency sends to us in the month of May (a bind is an issued policy with all necessary documents and payment received), earns the Agency a $250 gift

What in the HAIL?!

We love living in Colorful Colorado, but we also know that it comes with some extreme weather. Our great State had the second highest number of hail claims in recent years, second only to Texas where everything is bigger including

New! Artisan Contractor Coverage

Bind Instant General Liability Coverage for Contractors Online! Offering monoline, general liability insurance for small contractors and 100+ other professions in minutes. ALL STATES EXCEPT NY and AK!  Payroll/revenue limit: $500,000 Coverage limit: Up to $2M Damage to premises rented: $100k