MB: Announcing our newest BOP Company and our Super Secret Auto Carrier

We’re proud to announce the availability of Stillwater for BOPs. Stillwater is A rated and provides us with an expanded appetite for Business Owner Policies for those risks that almost fit your carrier’s appetite…. We’ve quoted several restaurants and been highly competitive with our other carriers. We pay agents 10%!

We also have been writing a lot of Allstate Auto with a high close ratio. No livery, no taxis with them but they handle fleets to 20 vehicles. Our last win was 24k for a HVAC contractor (10 vehicles) when Progressive was 36k. We pay Agents 10% for this one.

Again thank you for the continued use of our online portal. Our declined Homeowner product has a 92% close ratio in Colorado, 89% in NM and over 75% in the surrounding states. Many agents are quoting, binding and getting their policies issued online and are using the platform to help them round out their accounts. As we all know customer retention is #1 is this tough insurance marketplace.

We recently added a multi carrier rater for GL. It does not handle contractors in CO but in our surrounding states agents can get 4 different carriers for any General Liability risk. We’ve seen anything from auctioneers to hotels and plumbers get quoted. Agents are using the system to provide rate indication to their customers and get an idea on pricing.

We have added deductible buy downs as an option. Many of the top agents in CO and other hail prone states are using deductible buy downs to bring 2% wind/hail down to 25k deductibles. Worst case it provides you an E&O protection plan in case your client doesn’t know they have a 2%. Quoting is really easy and pricing is based on the amount you are buying down. For those doing habitation this is a necessity!!

Feel free to like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, or email me if you have any questions. Our marketing director Ashley Dodge is putting together an agent appreciation beer event at our local brewery (Smiling Toad) in August with the top agent for July getting a prize! RSVP to her at Ashley@cig-llc.biz if you’ll be joining us.

If you have appetite questions, feel free to call us at 303-900-2960.

So far we have RAVE reviews about the ease of use.

Best wishes,

Martin Burlingame
Chief Executive Officer
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