HiscoxNOW Small Business Program

You can now Quote & Bind online in Minutes with our HiscoxNOW portal! We’ve seen great pricing and great coverage for insureds so far.

This rating platform is for our agents (independent and directly appointed through Kraft Lake). Please give it a try, and if it does not fit, email acords to  Submissions@cig-llc.biz or for questions contact Heather@cig-llc.biz. If it doesn’t fit, we’ll approach other carriers accordingly.

Helpful Links: Class of Business GuidelinesAppetite Guide, State Availability MapSample Applications, Specimen Forms, Endorsements, FAQs

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Professional Liability Insurance

Hiscox professional liability (PL) insurance protects your clients if they’re sued for negligently performing their services, even if they haven’t made a mistake. Coverage also includes defense costs associated with any lawsuit.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance, also known as commercial general liability (CGL), protects your clients’ businesses from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to their property.

Business Owners Insurance

Business owners policy (BOP) is a combination of general liability and business property insurance. It protects your clients’ own business furniture and equipment, as well as another person or business’s claims of bodily injury and associated medical costs.

*Note: Product availability depends on the State where the business is located.

Hiscox Now Map

Unacceptable Services and Professions (as of 4/2017)

  • Actors
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Alcohol, tobacco, electronic cigarette, or vapor stores
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Animal or pet grooming
  • Animal or pet therapists
  • Animal trainers
  • Appraisers
  • Artists
  • Athletes
  • Auction houses
  • Audio or video production
  • Authors
  • Auto or vehicle related services
  • Auto repair or gas stations
  • Auto, boat, or utility vehicle parts and dealers
  • Auto, boat, or vehicle cleaning or detailing
  • Aviation training or instruction
  • Bail bondsmen
  • Bankers
  • Benefit plan sellers or administrators
  • Bounty hunters
  • Call centers
  • Caterers
  • Charter business for tours or excursions
  • Chauffeurs
  • Chemical/petro engineers
  • Chiropractors
  • Churches
  • Clinical trial services
  • Collection agencies or bill collectors
  • Convenience stores
  • Dancers
  • Daycares or childcare services
  • Delivery or transportation services
  • Dental assistants or hygienists
  • Department stores
  • Design build firms
  • Doctors
  • Door to door sales
  • Doulas
  • Driving, taxi, or transportation services
  • Drone or aircraft photography
  • Drug testing
  • E-commerce or internet sales (100% of revenue)
  • Emergency responders
  • Environmental consultants
  • Equipment rentals
  • Event entertainers
  • Event insurance
  • Event staffing
  • Excavation (digging/removal of soil below 2 feet)
  • Exterior commercial cleaning
  • Faith based counselors
  • Farming or gardening supply stores
  • Foster homes
  • General contractors
  • Geotechnical/soils engineers
  • Grocery stores
  • Halfway homes
  • Hazardous waste cleaning or removal
  • Health food, vitamin, or drug stores
  • Healthcare services
  • Hypnotist instructors
  • Independent movie or film production
  • Inhalation or respiratory therapists
  • Lab technicians
  • Lactation consultants
  • Laundry or dry cleaning services
  • Law enforcement trainers
  • Lifeguards
  • Lighting or sound system installation at events
  • Lobbyists
  • Marine engineers
  • Martial arts or karate studios
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Mechanics
  • Medical advice or training
  • Midwives
  • Mining engineers
  • Moving companies
  • Musicians
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Nuclear engineers
  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Oil & gas industry services
  • Oil, gas, or well engineers
  • Online auctioneers
  • Opticians and optician assistants
  • Optometrists
  • Paramedics or EMTs
  • Perfusionists
  • Pet or pet supply stores
  • Pet sitters
  • Pet/animal assisted therapists
  • Pharmacists
  • Phlebotomists
  • Physical therapists
  • Physician assistants
  • Physicians/medical doctors
  • Placement agencies (i.e. childcare or nannies)
  • Private security
  • Production companies (no clients)
  • Professional sporting event planners or hosts
  • Property developer or builders
  • Property preservation services
  • Prosthetic device fitters
  • Public adjusters
  • Publishers
  • Real estate appraisals or inspections
  • Recruiting babysitters, nannies, or medical personnel
  • Referral services
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Repossessers
  • Restaurants, bars, or nightclubs
  • Sandblasting services
  • School or guidance counselors
  • Schools or academies
  • Security guard services
  • Sport leagues
  • Staffing agencies or companies (non-IT)
  • Structural engineers
  • Tattoo artists
  • Teacher/instructor for a school or sports organization
  • Title abstractors
  • Tour operators
  • Treatment facilities
  • Tree removal services
  • Veternarian/animal services
  • X-ray technicians