We have a few great carriers that offer competitively priced insurance coverage for private collections including jewelry. Help your insureds protect their valuables and offer it when you discuss their homeowner policy. Program Highlights: Coverage for collections up to $1,000,000

Garage Liability

What is Garage Liability? Garage liability is, in effect, the same sort of coverage as general liability insurance that most businesses require except that it is specialized coverage for those who sell and repair cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs or trailers. In the

Drone insurance is big business

Insurance Journal recently hosted a webinar about drone insurance entitled “Drone Insurance: Coverages, Hazards and Claims.” Drone insurance is projected to cause the biggest growth in aviation insurance in 50 years. They addressed what insurance is, what is covered, how


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Newly Appointed?

  Newly appointed? Make sure you’ve submitted a Producer’s Agreement and W9 to us. My colleague Jimmy ( can set you and sub producers up on our online platform You probably feel like you’re drowning in information so to

Business Insurance

Accounting Services (Payroll, Tax Prep, Bookkeeping, etc.) Advertising and Marketing Architects and Engineers (includes Interior and Graphic Design) Bakeries Barber Shops, Hair and Nail Salons Books, Toys, Crafts and Office Supply Stores Business Consultants Chiropractors Clothing and Accessory Stores Copy