Personal Article Floater

Sample Risks: Jewelry, Wine, Cigars, Bikes, Ski Equipment, Golf Clubs,Tools, Gold/Silver, Art, Collections, Comic Books and MORE!  


We have two carriers that insure some businesses in the cannabis industry. For appetite questions contact Insurance Services Capabilities Coverage Expertise by Industry For submissions we request the following: Cannabis Application– send to Fully completed accord applications 125/126

Homeowners, Dwellings, and Condos

Wow what a week! We asked 20 agents to pilot the program and word spread quick! QUICK HIGHLIGHTS: NO ACORD Apps Needed* Up to 1M Coverage A in-house with this program (up to $10M as a referral) Quake, Personal Article

Tiny is the next BIG thing!

We just wrote insurance policies for a fleet of tiny homes! There are a few options for tiny homes but we’re the first company to offer coverage for a fleet of commercially owned tiny homes. Standard markets are just not