Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation insurance can provide wage replacement and medical benefits for employees that are injured on the job. This provides safety net of collective liability that ensures compensation to the workers in the event of injury. What we need:  Acords 125 and

Lower Garage Rates!

We are excited to see that one of our main carriers for Garage has lowered rates by 10%! Classes we have had success with: Auto Alarm / Stereo Installation Auto Storage – No Repair Bed Liner Installation (Including Spray-On Boat

Investor Rental Property Program

Welcome Mark Pearce! Mark comes from local brokerage where he worked for 15 years in property casualty insurance. You may have recently received an email announcement about several new programs offered by Commercial Insurance Group. Mark has joined the team

Ocean Marine Market

The marine insurance division enables you to manage risk more effectively & economically, providing coverage that is based not on what the markets can do, but on your specific marine insurance needs. We have a carrier with a lot more: